Back Home

Wednesday June 13th, everyone was happy, it was the day to return home, to see family and friends, to have overcome a challenge and … so many other things. The host families took the boys to Rockbrook and in the course of the morning we could see gifts, hugs, kisses, emotion … it was the end of a stage; each one knew inside how he lived the goodbye. Then, a birthday party, David Lluch and Pol Romo: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU”. At 15:00 we went to the airport, then the check-in and everything went according to plan. The boys behaved very well in such a long and heavy day. Mr. Michael Shanahan, the head of the Irish program, stayed with us for the last four days to give us a hand. Thank you, Michael. At 20:30h, the spectacular reception of family and friends at the Barcelona airport. Hugs, banners, emotion, memories, stories … no words to describe such a moment, we just want to say thank you all.


Last Saturday – Tie Exam

June 9th, TIE Exam – The Test of Interactive English
The test is in two parts – a speaking test and a written test. In the oral test you present your project, talk about either your book or news story and talk to your partner to reach a decision based on some material the examiner will give you.
The writing test is about gramar and use of English. The writing test takes 1 hour and the speaking test takes 25 minutes for Junior TIE.
The students had been preparing this exam on Saturdays. People are almost always nervous before an exam but the boys were relatively calm. The exam began at 10:30 and finished at 12:00. Some said that the oral part had been better, others than the written part, comments of all kinds, but they were quite satisfied. Now let’s wait for the results. Good luck to you all!

Then, the packed lunch and a short birthday party, two students had turned years, Vini Arenas (Mestral school) and Alejandro Foncea (La Farga), two excellent boys, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! By the way, the cakes were delicious. Everything had to be done quickly because the bus was already waiting for us to go shopping. Time for the gifts. The city centre was full of people, it was difficult to walk. In the streets there were musicians, painters, celebrations … A great atmosphere with 22 degrees of temperature and no rain. Finally we went into Carrolls Irish Gifts, a big gift shop. “… I will buy this shirt for my brother … this cap for my father, he will love it … for my mother this mug … these key rings for my friends …” Actually they were already anticipating and living their return home. At all times they behaved with great responsibility and we had a good time. The next time we take the bus we will be going to the airport.

Adventure Hike

On Tuesday 5th of June, 13 students who didn’t have lessons spent the day in Bray and Greystones. It was an about 6 km coastal walk from Bray to Greystones. On Thursday 7th, 5 students did not have classes and went to Howth. We walked along the cliffs and stopped at scenic overlooks and areas of spectacular natural beauty. Back down to the village we all had a delicious ice-cream.

Bray is the biggest town in County Wicklow and the longest established seaside town in Ireland. It is 19 km south of Dublin. The scenic cliff walk on the eastern side of Bray Head offers walkers a feast of views on the way.

Greystones is a coastal town 3.5 km south of Bray. The town was named after one-kilometre stretch of greystones between two beaches on the sea front. The town is bordered by the Irish Sea to the east, Bray Head to the north and the Wicklow Mountains to the west.

Howth is a village 15 km east-north from Dublin. Large numbers of tourists visit Howth annually in order to avail of the stunning views from the summit, to walk the piers, and to taste locally sourced seafood.

8th Saturday – Football Tournament

After the English classes on Saturday mornings the football tournament was held.
Soccer shirts were given to the teams. The players will keep their shirts after the tournament as an unforgettable memory of their participation. Each color represents a team: steel blue (France), red (England), brick red (Spain), yellow (Brazil), azure blue (Argentina), heather grey (Belgium), light graphite (Russia), azure blue (Uruguay), bottle Green (Germany), Orange (Australia), royal blue (Korea).

The general rules were explained:
5-a-side with rolling subs
Games are 15 mins each
There are 11 teams in total
There are 3 groups for the groups stages, a quarter final, a semi-final and a final.
The goalkeeper can be changed during the games
There wiil be referees for every game
The first games Kick-off at 1pm.

Institució had 4 teams: Steel blue (France), Red (England), Brick Red (Spain) and Yellow (Brazil).

Arter a while warming up the tournament started. The teams were very competitive but there was a friendly atmosphere in every match. During the break or while teams were waiting for their turn, we prepared a barbecue: hamburgers, sausages, cheese, coke, … everybody helped. What a wonderful day!

Final score
Steel Blue (France): 6 – Red (England): 3
Winner: Steel Blue: Eloi M. Ricard A. Nacho S. Enric M. Jordi C.

Three teams in the first four positions were Institució teams:
1st: Steel Blue (France), 2nd: Red (England), 4th: Brick Red (Spain)

Next week will be a bit special, Monday is a holiday for schools, there are no classes but the thing is that some schools have more than one free day. We are preparing something for the students who attend lessons in these schools. You will see in the next post.

From my school 5

Pol Chenoll
My school is very big and there are many classrooms. The boys are very friendly and it is easy to make friends. At first you are a bit ashame, the first days are like the hardest days but then what you have to do is to be positive and take advantage of every moment. Families are very good and you have to respect them. They took me to Lismore, a very nice town.

Marcos Mateo
Hi, my name is Marcos Mateo
I am enjoying this experience which is unique, good, educational and fun at the same time. The school is very good, now I have been placed next to a child that I get on very well and is very nice to me, everybody is nice. I also have a great time with my Spanish friends, but I always try to speak in English. The teachers always help me and if I have a problem I do not hesitate to tell them. I also try to participate in the class. My recommendation is try to speak in English and make Irish friends. See you soon family and friends.

Pol Romo
St Colmcilles is my school, I go to 6th grade, class number 23, the teacher is Ms O’Sullivan and she is very nice and the classmates too. For example, on my first day everyone wanted to say hello to me, they are very fun and the teacher always tries to help me. I live in Dalriada and I have already made lots of friends. Goodbye.

Ricard Álvarez
My school is called St. Colmcilles. It is one of the largest schools in Dublin. They are very friendly. This school is a very different from mine (Turó), for example, we start school at 9 am and finish at 2.30 pm.