8th Saturday

Our Schools 3
The boys were nervous and frightened the first day at school. New teachers, new classmates, everything was new.
They have had good times and bad times as well, they have made some incredible memories, they have made friends, this experience has pushed them both personally and academically and it will always have a place in their heart
Just to say thank you to all these amazing schools for everything they have done for our boys.

The Phoenix Park is the largest enclosed public park.
It was originally formed as a royal hunting Park in the 1660s and opened to the public in 1747. A large herd of deer still remain to this day. The Park is also home to the Zoological Gardens and Victorian flower gardens. A lot of recreational pursuits may be viewed or pursued such as walking, running, polo, cricket, hurling, and many more. There are many walks and cycle trails available to the public.
The weather forecast was dreadful for Saturday afternoon but it was not so bad and we made the best of the patchy spells of sunshine to enjoy the park.


7th Saturday

Our schools
There are different types of schools: all-boys schools, mixed, big, small… They all cater for most of our needs. After seven weeks in Ireland, the English language is not a problem for our students to take part in the classes and after school activities any more. The boys feel comfortable with their teachers and classmates. They are very welcoming people.

Happy birthday
Guim turned 13 in Ireland. The teenage years are also called adolescence, a time for a lot of changes. We hope all your dreams come true, Guim. Happy birthday to you!

Afternoon activity: cinema
Aladdin is a 2019 American musical fantasy film. The plot follows Aladdin, a street urchin, as he falls in love with Princess Jasmine, befriends a wish-granting Genie, and battles the wicked Jafar. It was great fun!

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6th Saturday

Our Schools
Irish Primary Schools are child-centred and adapt the curriculum where necessary to meet their own requirements. The boys are making a good effort to learn, are making good improvement and continue to grow in confidence. Irish students tend to be friendly and easy to get along with; they also show empathy and respect towards other people and help anyone if they need it. These are our shools in Ireland: Newtownmountkennedy, Edmondstown, St. Olafs, St. Colmcilles, St. Cronans, Ravenswell, St. Kevins, Holy Rosary; all of them are doing great. CONGRATS to all!

Reinforest Adventure Golf
Another Saturday in Dublin, English classes in the morning and a new activity in the afternoon. On the agenda, an indoor mini-golf amenity at the Dundrum Town Centre in South Dublin, two 18-hole South American themed mini-golf courses in a rainforest setting, the Aztec and the Mayan. It is a game of real skill and great fun for everyone. We split the boys into two groups.

Scorecard results. Two courses, 18 holes each.
Group A players with Mayan Trial and Aztec trial score:
Luis: (52),(51). Quique: (59),(51). Pablo: (67),(54). Albert: (64),(54).
Javier: (62),(48).

Group B players with Mayan Trial and Aztec trial score:
Alvaro: (38),(46). Guim: (49),(55). Tomeu: (53),(49). Quim: (68),(52)

After the game the boys walked around Dundrum, the largest shopping centre in Ireland, there was plenty of everything and it was easy to find some ice cream shops.

Monday the 3rd is a Public Holiday in Ireland. Enjoy your family weekend and congrats to the great number of Liverpool football team supporters for winning the Champions.

5th Saturday

The boys receive their pocket money weekly on Saturday after the English class. They are looking forward to this moment. I tell you what: the money is delivered following the current regulations of our bank in Ireland.

Jump Zone
It’s an indoor trampoline park. Several zones where you can free jump, do tricks etc.
The boys had the opportunity to do exercise and enjoy themselves in a relaxed and friendly environment. They had to watch a video on safety, and wear special jump zone grip socks; they have to follow instructions at all times for safety purposes; there are court monitors and everyone has to obey them, the boys got the hang of it very fast and fortunately nobody was hurt.

After the activity the boys had a soft drink or an icecream, or … but most importantly, they spent a while talking about their schools, classmates, families, difficulties, achievements, experience in Ireland, etc. Four and a half weeks to go and they are back home, the second half of their stay has just got under way; they have enough support and encouragement to work damn hard and to get through these four weeks.

4th Saturday

May 18th
Dublinia is a museum located at the crossroads of the medieval city at Christchurch, where modern and old Dublin meet. Dublinia is history brought to life in an exciting way for all to engage, learn and share. With two exciting exhibitions, Viking Dublin and Medieval Dublin, we all increased our knowledge and understanding of the Vikings and the Medieval period. Our students could try on costumes, lift the slave chains, feel the weight of Viking weapons, find cures for illnesses, etc. The boys were very busy with a treasure hunt questionnaire. There were four teams:
1. Alvaro and Tomeu
2. Javier and Quique
3. Quim and Guim
4. Albert, Luis and Pablo
The winner team was: Javier and Quique, 19 correct answers out of 20. Congrats. They all did very well, made few mistakes. It was great fun and a challenging experience.

After visiting Dublinia we took a long walk through central Dublin – Lord Edward Street, Dame Street, Temple Bar, Grafton Street, St Stephen’s Green- made the typical stop for an ice-cream, took some pictures, and back home. Tomorrow, as usual, family life and on Monday back to school.